Research Scientists:

  • Gabor Furesz
  • Nathan Lourie


  • Anna-Christina Eilers (Current Hubble Fellow)
  • Kishalay De (2021 Einstein Fellow)
  • Kevin Burdge (2021 Pappalardo Fellow)
  • Rongmon Bordoloi (Former Hubble Fellow, now Assistant Professor, NCSU)
  • Samuel Halverson (Former Sagan Fellow, now JPL Astronomer & Optical Engineer)
  • Monica Turner (Former Associate, now Senior Data Scientist, United Nations Center for Humanitarian Data)
  • Paul Torrey (Former Hubble Fellow, now Assistant Professor, University of Florida)
  • Laura Lopez (Former Pappalardo/Einstein Fellow, Professor, Ohio State University)
  • Kathy Cooksey (2011-2013 NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Professor, U. Hawaii Hilo)
  • John Bochanski (Former FIRE team member, Professor, Rider University)

Graduate Students:

  • Danielle Frostig (current)
  • David DePalma (current)
  • Tom Cooper (Carnegie Observatories)
  • Peter Sullivan (JPL)
  • Mike Matejek (Goldman Sachs)


  • Stephen Chen (MIT ’17, now UC Berkeley Astronomy)
  • Ana Glidden (MIT / EAPS PhD program)
  • Melodie Kao (51 Peg Postdoctoral Fellow, UCSC Astronomy)
  • Daniella Bardalez-Gagliuffi (Kalbfleisch Postdoctoral Fellow in Astronomy, AMNH)
  • Elizabeth Lovegrove (LANL)
  • Caroline Morley (Assistant Professor, UT Austin Astronomy)
  • Rhys Hiltner (Software Engineer, Twitch)


  • Mark Egan
  • Drew Malonis
  • Erik Hinrichsen
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